President of the group of construction companies KFK#1,
Successful entrepreneur and interesting person
To shoot the moon
you need
a good base


I have the best job. Construction is like a miracle: at first there is an idea, then it materializes into a particular constructed building.

All this is possible due to collaboration of many people. I am lucky to be surrounded by professionals who are also my friends

Thanks to our team-work, more than 6.000 families in our region have moved to comfortable flats with independent heating in five last years

I am a founder of the group of construction companies KFK#1, which annually builds more than 1.000 comfortable flats for Kostroma citizens. Construction is my main priority. I have been participating in development of Kostroma region for 20 years, and I am convinced that we can and we have to create the conditions for happy and comfortable living

flats have been built
in last 15 years
flats a year is
KFK#1 construction speed
850 ha
is the whole
area size

Time of professionals

Every person goes through a certain age: infancy, adolescence, youth… With time you get wisdom and understanding that it is time to go to the new level. Having created a successful company, I feel I have the power to use my skills organizing efficient work in the whole region. I have the knowledge, energy and desire to work for the benefit of all Kostroma citizens, - thinks Sergey Seklyutskiy.

In word and in deed

Throughout the years of business activities, our firm has been taking an active part in charitable acts, helping an orphanage for cognitively issued children, giving sponsoring help to Kostroma diocese in reconstruction and renovation of churches (Saint Seraphim Church and Sunday school in Malyshkovo, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Ipatiev Monastery), which has been proven with numerous letters of recognition and honorary certificates. I have been awarded an order of Kostroma Diocese twice.
More than 150 flats have been given to orphans
We have given more than 500 flats to relocating people from dilapidated housing